office structure and staff

AICS office in Maputo is responsible for cooperation initiatives in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and it is articulated into different structures. The headquarters is based in Maputo, while in Chimoio, capital city of Manica province, a branch office manages a rural development program.

Paolo Enrico SertoliHead of Office
AICS staff
Olga FerreiraOperator/ Logistic Officer
Paola TassanAdministrative/ Accountant
Stella CattanaSecretariat
Brigida NhancaleSecretariat
Xavier Orlando Cavilane
Executive Secretary DELPAZ Programme
Rauia Cassamo Chitara
Financial and Administrative Assistant DELPAZ Programme
Frederico AlageArchive
Melania RubenArchive
Flora ManjateAdministrative/ Accountant assistant
Mario BendaneClerk/ Driver
Jorge Langa Driver
Lindomar Carlos Albino
Adolfo Massangaie
Ivan Danilo Maldonado Nunes
Technical Staff Employed in AICS Maputo Office
Elio GiombiniTeam leader Cluster 1 - Health and basic services
Anna RomboliJunior Program Officer disability - Cluster 1
Stefano MarmoratoGender & ICT Program Officer - Cluster 1
Alberto TanganelliTeam Leader Cluster 2 - Higher Education, Science and Innovation
Antonio ArchettiICT expert - Cluster 2
Alberto GianiTeam Leader
CLUSTER 3 - Agriculture, food security and rural development
Simona MortoroCivil Engineer - Cluster 4
Leone TarabusiTeam Leader CLUSTER 5 - Environment and access to energy
Paolo MistéProgram Officer CLUSTER 5 - Environment and access to energy
Antonella LucianoAdministrative and financial expert - CLUSTER 5
Federica Della MaddalenaEmergency / Resilience Programme Officer
Roberta BlandinoLegal and Administrative expert - Emergency-resileince sector
Giulia ZingaroTeam Leader DELPAZ Programme
Alessia BissonFinancial and Administrative Expert - DELPAZ
Paola RollettaCommunication Officer
Giorgio ChisariUN fellow
Chiara BoniCommunication Officer DELPAZ Programme
Carlos Antonio Mairoce
Programme Officer DELPAZ Programme
Ernesto Jose' Matavela
Programme Officer
Alessandro Ugolini
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