AICS supports scientific research and university partnerships

The BioForMoz project, funded by the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, launched in December 2021 a call for applications for 1 post-doctoral fellowship, 1 doctoral fellowship, 6 research fellowships, and 4 MSc fellowships, for researchers at the Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU).

The fellowships include a personal allowance, a fund for the purchase of reagents, and a training internship in Italy. Similarly, in January 2022, a second call for applications was launched for 1 doctoral scholarship, 2 research scholarships, and 3 master’s scholarships, which is still open to new applicants.

In order to publicize the research projects of the scholarships, the institutions involved in the Project have organized a seminar on 23 March 2022 to present the projects in the Amphitheatre of the Museum of Natural History, in Maputo.

This will be an opportunity to establish synergies between the various institutions and working groups in order to strengthen the development of inter-institutional working platforms in the field of biotechnology and bio-conservation.

The research grants are supervised by Mozambican and Italian researchers who will be present at the seminar.

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